(sonicArts) using the filter warper in cecilia

If you want to do simple time and pitch changes on an audio file, use the FilterWarper module.

Launch Cecilia4. The editor window opens. Close the editor window, and under the File menu, choose Modules > Time > FilterWarper.

The FilterWarper is designed to produce the smoothest time and pitch shifting of any granular operator in Cecilia. Therefore, don’t mess with any setting beyond the output duration, transposition, and index. The window size, window deviation, and overlaps should be left as you find them.

Remember that the Index controls the playback location in the soundfile. If you want to play through the soundfile from start to finish in the forward direction, leave the index running from lower left corner to upper right corner. If you want to play the soundfile backwards, set the Index function to run from the upper left corner to the lower right corner.



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