(musicComp1) eight melodies for a wind instrument

Assignment, due Jan. 31/Feb. 1

Compose eight brief melodies for any monophonic wind instrument. These melodies will be performed in class, so they should be written for a class member (with their knowledge), written for the composer to play, or written for a specific guest musician that you will be responsible for bringing in to class.

  • The first three melodies will be diatonically tonal (major/minor) or in a church mode, with no chromaticism. Label your tonal center by putting text in a box below the melody.
    • Two of the melodies will be in the form of a two-phrase period. (weaker cadence for phrase 1; stronger cadence for phrase 2)
    • One of the melodies will be in the form of a three-phrase period. (weaker cadences for phrases 1 and 2 – could be the same cadence; stronger cadence for phrase 3)
  • The second three melodies will have tonal center, but will feature significant chromaticism beyond the use of common alterations for dominant harmonies. Label your tonal centers in the same way as with the first three melodies.
    • Use the same phrase guidelines as for the first three melodies. (2 are two-phrase periods; 1 is a three-phrase period)
  • The final two will be atonal/chromatic, with no emphasized tonal center.
    • One of these atonal melodies will be in a two-phrase period.
    • One of these atonal melodies will be in a three-phrase period.

Remember that your musical notation should be complete and accurate. Include tempo markings, articulations, and expression markings. Make sure your stems go in the proper direction, and that your accidentals are easy to read and clearly applied.


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