(musTh625) aesthetic readings 1

For your first collection of aesthetic articles, read

  • Luigi Russolo, “The Art of Noises: A Futurist Manifesto,” (Audio Culture: pp. 10 – 14), or online at  UbuWeb.
  • John Cage, “The Future of Music: Credo,” (AC: pp. 25 – 28)
  • Edgard Varèse, “The Liberation of Sound,” (AC: pp. 17 – 21)

I have scans of the Cage and Varèse in iLocker if you don’t have Audio Culture yet.

Write a short summary for each article (not more than a page, but typically 1/2 to 3/4 of a page). As part of your summary, consider questions as to what aspects of the presented ideas accurately (or near-accurately) predicted the future?; what aspects are grounded in, or bound by historical conventions?; and what is the nature of, or tone of the article in relation to its title? Be aware of when these articles were written, and what was going on historically and technologically.

Summaries are due via email by Friday, May 24th, at 5 pm.


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