(sonicArts) fall 2013 listening list 1

Listening List 1

  • Michel Chion: Requiem – Dies Irae, 1978
  • John Chowning: Stria (1978)
  • Brian Eno: Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hill), 1978 – 82
  • Jonty Harrison: Klang (1982)
  • Jonathan Harvey: Mortuos Plango, Vivos Vocos (1980)
  • Paul Lansky: Six Fantasies on a Poem by Thomas Campion – Her Reflection (1978 – 79)
  • György Ligeti: Artikulation (1958)
  • John Tenney: Collage #1 ‘Blue Suede’ (1961)

A zip file of the entire list is available in my iLocker account. You will need to enter your BSU username and password to download.

For the listening quiz on 9/3 you will need to know title, composer last name, and decade composed. You will be given a word bank of composer names and titles, but they will not be correlated.

It can help you to learn a piece by making a listening guide to each work. Use and audio editor like Audacity or Audition so that you can see an amplitude outline of the work while listening and also a time counter.

For each work, write down a list of events with a notation of time and with text descriptions. Make the descriptions focus on the quality of the sound (high, low, loud, short sounds, etc.). Avoid using programmatic, extra-musical descriptions.


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