(sonicArts) 9/24 quiz review

Review outline for Tuesday’s quiz

In-Class Portion:

  • Listening List 2
  • Analog recording process (from sound production to recording; from playback to arriving at listener)
  • Transduction, and the ability to state the type of energy being transduced at each point in the recording process
  • Generational loss
  • Digital recording process (from sound production to digital recording and storage; from playback to arriving at listener, without filtering)
  • Digital Sampling Theory
    • Sampling Rate
    • Nyquist Frequency
    • Aliasing, and how to compute aliased frequencies
    • audio property that sampling rate affects
    • insertion of low pass filters to digital recording and playback process
    • Bit Resolution
    • Binary digits (Bits)
    • Number of possible values 2-to-the-bit-number-power
    • Relationship of number of bits to signal to noise ratio


Take-Home Portion:

  • Compressed and uncompressed audio formats
  • Computing file size of uncompressed audio
  • Difference between lossless and lossy compression
  • Perceptual coding for lossy compression
  • Basic techniques of musique concrète



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