(max) the opening day that wasn’t

The semester started and we’re already a day behind.

Download the software! Now! (free and fully functional for 30 days)

Class Structure

I’ve set a goal for this semester to do the ever-so-hip instructional paradigm, and flip class. I will be providing blog posts, demonstration videos, and other readings ahead of class so that we can use class time for project work – with me available for help. You will have to make sure you look at assigned material ahead of class to maximize project work opportunity.

Occasionally, I will still lecture or demonstrate things in class. And you will also have to do some project work outside of class. But hopefully we can make our time together more interactive, like Max. Or you can think of it like a mullet: business on the web, party in class.

Blackboard, the Blog,  Video Demonstrations, and the Twitter

Blackboard is the official course site. Assignments will be listed in Bb, and grades will be posted there as well.

I will use this blog for class outlines, lecture summaries, and other text/picture-based materials. I will also post at least announcements of assignments and projects that have been posted to Bb. You will still need to turn in your work via Bb, or follow the specific instructions listed in Bb for turning things in. Although I use category tags and (max) in the title of every post to help with searching the blog, since this is my only lecture class this semester you won’t need to do a lot of searching.

Video demonstrations will only be linked to Bb.

New blog posts, video demonstrations, or other online materials will also be announced via twitter. You can follow me @keithkothman, and/or follow the hash tag #bsu-max.

The Software

Rather than purchase a textbook, I am having you purchase your own copy of the software. You can purchase and download Max directly from Cycling ’74. Note that the software now just uses Max as its title, rather than a combination of its component parts.

Whether you can purchase it today or not, you should download it immediately. You can use it, fully functional, for free for 30 days.

The cheapest option for purchase is the 12-month temporary authorization for students, for $59. A full, unlimited term license is $250. If you get the 12-month license, you can upgrade to permanent later with a $39 credit. You do not need the Gen option. If you find you want it later, you can add it for the same amount as it would have cost with your initial purchase.

Having your own copy of the software will make your life significantly easier. You’ll have access to the inline tutorials and help at any time, and the reference pages through the help system.

Other Resources

The Cycling ’74 website has additional help and links to projects. Check out the forums and community links. I’ll also be posting additional links from time to time when I find interesting sites.


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