(musTh625) project 2: musique concrete and virtual instruments

Due Tuesday, June 3, at beginning of class.


Compose a short work (75 – 90 seconds, 1’15 – 1’30) utilizing musique concrète techniques. You will process audio as before in Audacity and Audition, and assemble in Digital Performer, with the addition of using a virtual sampler (Kontakt) to further process audio samples. You are encouraged to build upon your first project.

Form again does not have to be much of a concern. Gestural or continual variation should dominate your project, whereby anything material that is presented can be subject to immediate variation. Your use of Kontakt should not be as an organ/keyboard, but as an additional way of expanding your developmental possibilities. Your Kontakt instruments must make use of interesting modulation techniques (envelopes and LFOs) and have external MIDI CC realtime controls to allow for interesting development of the sound over time.


  • Duration: 1’15 – 1’30 (10)
  • The inclusion of at least three virtual instruments in Kontakt. (10)
  • The project must rely on gesture as a primary component of the work. (10)

Additional factors you will be graded on

  • Creativity: are your edited sounds interesting, and used in interesting ways in the project? Do your Kontakt instruments make use of interesting modulation and realtime controls? (40)
  • Quality of edits and finished audio: you should not have audible clicks at beginnings or ends of edited audio, and your audio should not distort (it should not go over the maximum amplitude). (20)
  • Organization of files and following turn-in procedure: is there a finished, mixed audio file? Can I open your project file and play back all the tracks contained? Did you include your original source files and your processed files? (10)


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