(pianoPed) assignment 1: website creation

Draft Due Wednesday, May 14, 2012.
Final Version Due Friday, May  16, 2012.

Using WordPress.com, create a website suitable for your use as a studio teacher that includes at least three static pages and three external links visible on every page. (100 points, total)

Your website must include:

  • A picture of you. (10)
  • At least one graphic/image, which may be your studio logo. (10)
  • Resume or bio (on your home page or as a separate page). (10)
  • Studio policy. (10)
  • Student resources page (a page containing annotated links to useful resources). (10)
  • At least three external links that appear on every page. (10)
  • At least three static pages, which can include the required information above. (10)

While working on your site, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do all of your external links work? (5)
  • Is all of your content grammatically correct and properly spelled? (5)
  • Is the use of color appropriate? (5)
  • Are graphics and images used appropriately? (5)
  • Is the visual appearance professional looking? (5)
  • Is the website easy to navigate? (Can a user find information quickly and logically?) (5)

By Wednesday you should have your general layout with pages and external links to show in class. Your page content does not have to be complete by Wednesday. You can use introductory or outline text to create the pages. We will look at sites together and talk about strengths and weaknesses, and other general concerns.

By Friday you should have completed content for your pages. Consider whether you are using a resume or bio, or both, and understand the differences between the two. Your bio and resume create a narrative that communicates to students what you think is important for the given audience. Neither of the two are your complete life story.

Dr. Rhoden can address the studio policy requirements in more detail.

Student resources should be a page of links to external sites/pages that you think would be useful for students. You should group them by category and annotate (explain) each link. External links can include everything from reference information, other teachers, performers, YouTube channels of classical performance (or other styles), and organizations (professional, etc.).


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