(pianoPed) combining notation and text, and midi file import

Due Tuesday, May 27.

This assignment is in two, unrelated parts.

part 1

Create a Word document with imported Finale notation.

Your Word document should have two short paragraphs (short, and can simply introduce the piece by composer,title, and measure range), and two Finale examples from the notation assignment, with example headings for each (Example 1, Example 2). Each paragraph should be before an example, so you will have something like:


example heading

notation example 1


example heading

notation example 2

For the first example, use the first staff system of the piece. For the second example, use the first two measures of the second staff system. Note, you will need to make sure that the time signature and key signature show at the beginning of the second example. Save your notation assignment as a new file, and use appropriate editing commands to show key signature and time signature.

part 2

Import the sequence you created in Studio One into Finale.

Quantize all tracks of your sequence in Studio One, and choose Save As…., MIDI file (.mid). In Finale, choose Open (from the File menu), and select the .mid file to open. You may have to change Finale’s options to show all readable files.

During the import process you will be asked how you want to handle each track (as a separate instrument/part), whether or not to use the time signature of the file (yes), and how to specify a key signature (choose specify your own). You should also check the quantization (Quant) settings so that the imported file is read as quantized to 16th notes.

Once you have imported your midi file, create a staff group and add an appropriate bracket, and edit the full name of the instrument for each part to match the instrument you chose in Studio One. Add the title and composer as well.

grading criteria

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