(pianoPed) midi sequencing assignment

Due Wednesday, May 21.


To use a DAW to record and produce a short, multi-track MIDI sequence.


You will use Presonus Studio One and a USB MIDI controller to create a recorded MIDI sequence of a segment of Bach’s C minor Fugue from the first volume of the Well-Tempered Clavier (to be handed out in class). Each voice of the fugue will use a different MIDI program (a different sound), and you may be creative in orchestrating the voices (octave doublings, etc.). You must also make your MIDI sequence musical, meaning that you should have recorded appropriate key velocities, and note durations to distinguish between various articulations. Your finished project will include an audio file in wav format, made from the playback of the MIDI sequence.


You should follow the method outlined in the previous post.

turn-in procedure, and grading

When you create a Studio One project, it creates a folder with the data file and supporting files. This is the folder you will turn in to me. You will be graded on the following:

  • A Studio One sequence with at least three MIDI/virtual instrument tracks playing at least three different instrument programs, and an appropriate tempo. (50)
  • MIDI performance information (note, velocity, durations) edited for musicality/precision, to some suitable degree. (20)
  • An audio file created from the sequence and virtual instruments. (20)
  • Following the turn-in procedure. (10)

    Your entire project should be saved into a single folder. That folder will contain your project file and your bounced/export mix audio file. Have that folder available to me to turn in at class time, or compress the folder and post to an online sharing network (email me the link).


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