(pianoPed) notation assignment

Due Monday, May 19.


To use Finale to accurately notate a given short piece for piano. In the process, you will show mastery of basic page formatting, note entry, and other basic skills, as well as with some advanced notation skills such as cross stave notation.

project description

Use Finale to create a reproduction of the Beethoven Piano Sonata excerpt as accurately as possible. You will need to enter all notes, rhythms, articulations, dynamics, phrase markings, double bars, key signatures, and tempo/character indications. You will also need to use cross-staff beaming to complete the project. Your goal is to recreate the excerpt as close to the example as you can, with some improvements.


You will be graded on the following (100 points total):

  • Accuracy and neatness of note entry, i.e., pitch and rhythm (45)
  • Accuracy and neatness of articulations, dynamics/expression markings, and slurs (25)
  • Accuracy and neatness of title and composer information (10)
  • Proper page layout, which includes spacing within staves of a system, spacing between systems, proper brace/bracket usage, and appropriate note spacing and layout size. (20)


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