(sonicArts) sources for audio recordings and sound samples

You will want some interesting sounds for your 2-track musique concrète project. You can record them with one of the portable recorders, or you can use a sound library of pre-existing recordings.


freesound is an online library of royalty free audio recordings. You have to create an account (free) to download files. You can audition sounds without downloading, but be sure to check the file format (sample rate, bit resolution) of anything you want to use in your project. Avoid compressed audio (mp3 especially).

bracken library

Bracken library has a collection of sound effects CD’s (Compact Discs – shiny things about 5″ in diameter with recordings of audio). You can find them on the Lower Level, at the Educational Resources desk, which is across from the Music desk. You ask someone at the desk for one of the indexes, you search for a sound type you’re interested in, and then requested the appropriate CD.

Oh, who am I kidding? No one is going to the library.


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