(sonicarts) bouncing to disk – finishing your logic pro midi project

To complete your final project, you will need to bounce to disk – just as you did before for your negative space and multitrack projects. Bouncing to disk will render* your software instrument tracks as well as any digital audio tracks in your project, and mix them all down to a single stereo audio file. (*rendering refers to playing the software instruments with the MIDI commands in the track, along with any automation.)

The previous post on bouncing is pretty good. It can be improved with a few easy refinements to set the part of the project you want to bounce with cycle playback selection. You can use the following image as a guide. (click to enlarge)


You can click the cycle section tool to turn on cycle playback, or merely click in the cycle selection range bar area to turn it on. You can drag the beginning and end of the cycle range in a manner similar to changing the length of regions in tracks.

Start your cycle range in measure 1 (even though your data starts in measure 2). End your range a few measures after the final note ends. Remember to leave time for reverb tails to end as well as release times on instruments. Be generous with your selection. It is easy to edit out unwanted silence.

Once you have cycle on and a region specified, select File > Bounce > Project or Section…. You will find your selection will be the predefined range for the bounce. Continue with the bounce like you have before.


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