(max) example patchers are being uploaded

I finally sorted through some documentation about Box, and learned how to make a truly public folder. So I’ve been uploading example patchers from class, cleaning some up where appropriate. I’ve gone back to the beginning of class, so you if you want to review some simpler patchers you can take a look.

Patchers are listed in reverse upload order, so newest examples are listed first. I don’t have everything up quite yet. There is a folder that includes all my examples from previous years, sorted by year. That may or may not help you too much, as you won’t have an explanation for them yet.

The example folder can be accessed via:


The link is also on the right sidebar of this blog, under the max sub-heading. You have to have the link to access the folder.

Please let me know if you have any problems downloading these examples. You can’t drag them to your desktop. You have to click the download link to the right of each filename, or click the download button at the top of the listings to download the entire folder at once. It’s only about 10 MB now, so you can download everything at once now, then download new files individually.


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