(max) opening day, 2015

business stuff

MUST 342 combines with MUST 592 (undergrad and grad) for this semester. Make sure you get the right syllabus:

You should all have studio access with your ID cards – if not now, then very soon.

Make sure you read the Studio Policy guide, at http://jeffreyseitz.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Site.StudioPolicy

max – downloading

You should get Max from Cycling ’74. (https://cycling74.com/downloads/older/ – get version 6.19).

Install it, and choose the 30-day free demo period. You will want to purchase it, either as a student purchase ($250) or a one-year student subscription ($59), but I am confirming that you can buy version 7 and use version 6 at this point.

Setting up the program and preferences will follow in another post.

following the blog, twitter, and other forms of online info

The official course site is on Blackboard. That is where I will keep track of your grades. Most of the information I post online will go up here on teachingmusic. You can subscribe to the blog so that you get an email whenever there is a new post, and/or you can follow me on twitter (keithkothman), or the course hashtag #bsumaxmsp. Whenever I put up new posts, I send a tweet with the title and link.


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