(max) purchasing max 7, using max 6

I just received definitive word from Cycling ’74 that you can indeed purchase (or subscribe) to Max 7 and then downgrade to use Max 6.

Decide on whether you want to purchase the software ($250) or subscribe for one year ($59). If you choose to subscribe, there is no subsequent discount towards a standard purchase. The subscription, even if you continue on past the year, represents a significantly cheaper startup cost.

Either way, download version 7 of Max (https://cycling74.com/downloads/). You purchase Max 7 from within the program itself. Academic purchases required proof of student status, so scan a copy of your student ID before you start the purchase. The complete instructions for completing a subscription purchase are on the Cycling ’74 site, https://cycling74.com/shop/select-academicsubscription/.

If you want to purchase a standard license, use https://cycling74.com/shop/select-academiclicense/.

using Max 6

Once you have purchased a Max 7 license or subscription, you can proceed to download Max 6 and authorize it. First, download Max 6.19 at https://cycling74.com/downloads/older/.

Install and launch Max 6. You will need to request a manual authorization of Max 6, done by emailing support@cycling74.com. You will probably need your serial number and/or authorization info for Max 7 to complete the process.


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