(max) basic midi-controlled polyphonic synth

All patchers are in the max examples folder on box.

Parent patcher: <BasicPolySynth.maxpat>
Subpatcher: <SimpleSawKK~.maxpat>

Both files need to be in the same folder.

polyphony in max

A polyphonic synthesizer requires multiple copies of a synthesizer patcher, and some way of allocating MIDI input to different copies of the synthesizer patcher.

poly~ is an audio object that will load multiple copies of an audio patcher. The poly~ object takes two arguments: one is the name of the audio subpatcher, and the the other is how many instances of the subpatcher to create. My example audio subpatcher is called SimpleSawKK~.maxpat.

The poly object (non-audio) handles the voice allocation.

When you create your own subpatch and parent patcher, you need to create the subpatcher first. You then create your parent patcher. Save your parent patcher first, in the same folder that you have your subpatcher file.

Both example patchers are fully commented. Take a look.


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