(max) mouse theremin, lcd, band-limited noise

example patchers and video playlist

brief overview

Since I take you through explanations in the videos, I’m just providing an outline here.

Part 1 shows you how to map mouse tracking, via [mousestate], to frequency and amplitude of an adjustable oscillator.

Part 2 covers drawing with an [lcd] object, in a more limited way than the tutorial patcher. The focus is on:

  • understanding space within the [lcd],
  • outputting x/y coordinates when the mouse button is pressed,
  • outputting x/y coordinates when the mouse button is up,
  • clearing drawings from the [lcd]
  • specifying pen color and pen size,
  • specifying shapes, and
  • recording and manipulating sprites.

Part 3 shows the finished patcher, using an [lcd] object to draw and transmit information to an adjustable oscillator with a selectable waveform. Some highlights:

  • initializing drawing parameters for the [lcd],
  • using [split] objects to limit the x/y coordinates sent to scale to those in the [lcd], and
  • creating band-limited noise as one of the waveform options.


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