(compMus1) Lecture Notes – Digital Performer

Just to remind all of you about the Digital Performer issues discussed in class (2/5):

  • Save often. DP 4.12 crashes.
  • Set your Time Formats (Setup | Time Formats) to Real Time for this project (all formats and rulers)
  • Insert a tempo change into the conductor track so that a quarter note = 60 beats/minute.
  • The main windows you will do most of your work in are the Sequence Editor (shift-s), Soundbites (shift-b), and Mixer (shift-m).
  • Always insert a Master Fader into your project.
  • In the Sequence Editor and the Mixer you can pick which tracks to show and which to hide. When you add tracks you may have to make them visible, especially in the mixer.
  • You can insert all the mix automation you want (volume level, pan), but to hear it you have to turn automation ON for each track. (easiest to do in the Mixer)
  • Edge Edit Copy. For the most part, while working with Soundbites in the Sequence Editor, you will want to have Edge Edit Copy turned on (mini menu of the Seq Ed). Only turn it off when you want to change soundbite start and end points for every instance of that soundbite in the sequence.


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