(compMus1) Lecture Notes: Getting Started with SoundHack

You can download SoundHack at <http://www.soundhack.com>. We’ll be using two processes in SoundHack right now. Both are located in the Hack menu.

  • Varispeed: Continuously variable changing playback speed (without pitch correction).
  • Phase Vocoder: time compression/expansion and pitch change independent of each other.

For Varispeed:

  • You can set upper and lower limits for the draw box. This can help you if you want to have more limited speed variation.
  • You can set all the values to a given speed change.

For Phase Vocoding:

  • You can only scale time OR pitch with one process.
  • Basic settings (for now): 1024 bands, 2 overlaps, leave noise gating function selected.

Remember to save your files with meaningful names, and maintain some file organization. Non-SoundHack files can be easily opened by dragging the file icon onto the SoundHack icon in the Dock.

Keep your processed files within the DP project folder (at same level as project file, but in subfolders). You’ll still have to import them into Soundbites to use them.


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