Welcome! How to use this blog…

Welcome to Teaching Music.

This blog is primarily intended for Ball State University School of Music students in my Music Theory and Computer Music classes. It replaces most of my Blackboard (my.bsu.edu) sites, except for the online Gradebook features. Other users are welcome to read, but you can’t leave comments. To make the site useful for its intended purpose, I need to restrict commenting to current students. All material on this blog is licensed using a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license.

All of my posts are available on this main page. Once I start posting assignments, lecture notes, and other related material, you should be able to use Tags to find the information you want. The best way to use the Tags feature is to subscribe to the RSS feeds for each Tag. As I post material in each category I’ll add a Subscribe link to the RSS feed in the right sidebar. (Create a class folder for bookmarks on your browser toolbar, and drop the feed bookmarks into that folder. I’ll post instructions about this later.)

To make comments about individual posts you will need to have a wordpress account, and be logged in. I encourage you to go to wordpress.com and sign up for an account, and to use the comment feature as a way of asking questions. For example, if you have a question about an assignment you can enter a comment asking your question. I can answer it with a comment – all linked to the original assignment. Other students can see your question and my answer, and they will all benefit from the discussion. Don’t be shy about asking questions. My experience is that rarely does only one student have a particular question. (Let me know if you create a wordpress account. I’m new at wordpress, and I may need to manually add you to the list of people who can comment on this blog.)

Each class has a tag (computerMusic1 and musicTheory2), along with sub-tags that further break down the types of material for each class. You will probably want to use the sub-tags.

I hope that this blog proves to be easier to use than Blackboard, and creates a more interactive online resource for my classes. Please use this post for general comments about how well the blog is working (or not).


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  1. balukai8423 Avatar

    huh? im lost… theres to many words here. hey so is the Musth 625 class you teach offered in the Spring and do you know if its considered a theory elective?

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