(maxmsp) Lecture Notes: Quiz 1 Review

Quiz Wednesday (1/30)

The quiz will primarily focus on how Max sends and executes messages. Things to study:

  • right-to-left order of operation. Understand that this applies to order of outlets, and to ordering of patch cords that branch from one outlet. Also with right-to-left order, a whole path/branch must finish executing messages and operations before the next branch to the left will initiate its actions.
  • The difference between floating point numbers and integer numbers, and how to work with both.
  • How the random, metro, bang, trigger, counter and pack objects work. Also notein, noteout, and stripnote.
  • How to store and recall values in a table object.

I will have some example patchers with number values; you’ll have to compute the results. Order of operation and int/float issues will be in play.

I’ll have some questions that will require you to know what type of messages could result from certain combinations of objects (listed above) and data.

I might ask you to sketch a patcher that performs a certain task using the objects listed above.


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