(maxmsp) Assignment 4: Modulation

Due Friday, 2/22

Create two patchers with LFO modulation, as described below.

  1. Create a tremolo patch where one or more LFO signals modulates the amplitude of soundfile playback. It is important that the tremolo be amplitude modulation, not ring modulation. The user should be able to change the depth of modulation via external MIDI control. The user should also have a choice of controlling the LFO frequency (frequencies, if multiple) via external MIDI control in tandem with an on-screen dial, AND using a randomly changing LFO frequency with minimum and maximum ranges set by the user.
  2. Create a filter patch where one or more of the filter’s parameters are modulated by LFO. As in the patch above, the user should be able to switch between specific frequency control and constrained random frequency control. Filter parameters vary by filter object in Max/MSP, but typically include gain, center/cutoff frequency, and Q.

Be creative! You might want to end up using some aspect of either (or both) patchers in your audio processer project.


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