(musTh212) Assignment: Tower's Wild Purple (UPDATED-2)

For those of you who don’t have the “Postmodern Update” to the sixth ed. of the Anthology, here’s a scan of the page you need from the Anthology. (towerWildPurple-p1.pdf)

Due Friday, 2/15:

Analyze the first page (p. 569 in the Anthology) of Tower’s Wild Purple according to its use of octatonic scale collections. Bracket and label the particular octatonic scale being used at any given time, paying careful attention to where scale formations change.

Since there is no standard labeling system for octatonic scales, I propose that you simply label them by the starting two notes (C – C#, A – B, F# – G, etc.). I know that the “starting notes” are open to interpretation, but I will be able to figure it out from a two-note label.


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