(compMus2) Reading Assignment – Modulation Synthesis

To update a previous post, read pp. 215 – 250 of the Roads, covering Modulation Synthesis. 

Due Monday, 9/22, answer the following questions (via email)

  1. Compare/contrast Ring Modulation synthesis and Amplitude Modulation Synthesis (what is the same, what is different). 
  2. Note one drawback of Ring Modulation synthesis (which I went over in class).
  3. What are sidebands? (There is an excellent definition in the book.)   
  4. What spectral components are determined by the M:C (or C:M) ratio for FM synthesis?
  5. If the Index of Modulation is 5 for an FM synthesis patch with one Modulator and one Carrier, what does that mean (specifically)?
  6. Specify a musical use for multiple carrier and/or multiple modulator FM patches.

There are direct answers to these questions in the Roads. These are not sociological, or opinion questions, like some of the ones from our readings in Audio Culture.


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