(compMus2) Update on Creative Project 1

One modification and one clarification to Creative Project 1:

  • The duration requirement is being shortened to 1:15 minimum (one minute, fifteen seconds). 
  • You may use my instruments that I’ve posted in my iLocker account, but you should make your own presets and MIDI links.  

Your project should focus on creating interesting sounds through synthesis. You can create a wide variety of sounds just by adjusting the parameters of the instruments that I’ve made in class. You should also have interesting performance controls (MIDI Links) when you use these instruments in your project. By interesting, I mean that the sounds change over time.

You should be able to make some minor changes to the basic instruments that I’ve created, if only because I usually have not combined various processes (like random pitch AND random amplitude modulation). But a lot of this could be done with cut and paste commands. But focus on your sounds more than trying to recreate the world from scratch.


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