(compMus2) Turning in Data for Project 1

Permissions have been fixed on the musictech server to allow you to leave your data files in my drop box.


  1. Compile all the required files into one folder. Your folder should be named <lastname1> project
  2. Using a Mac, choose Connect to Server, from the Go menu of the Finder, or cmd-K. The server address is musictech.bsu.edu. If you are wireless on-campus, you will need to use VPN. All off-campus connections have to use VPN. You don’t need to use VPN from the Macs in the lab.
  3. Login with your username and password, then choose MT1 as the volume to mount (connect to). Navigate to the kkothman folder, and then to the Public folder. Drag your folder onto my Drop Box folder.

It’s probably a good idea to send me an email telling me that you’ve turned in your assignment so that I can confirm that it is there.


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