(compMus2) Group Discussion Options

(this came to your bsu email as well)

I told everyone in the handout to use the group blog to discuss your projects amongst yourselves. It turns out that groups don’t have blogs. (don’t know why I thought that they did)

Groups do have threaded Discussion Forums, though, and I think that these forums should be used for discussion and project documentation instead of comments. With threaded discussion, someone can start a topic of discussion, and replies will stay with that topic. This will be very useful for later, when everyone will be working, and potentially, on more than one area at a time. 

I can envision several threads that would apply to everyone: 

  • overview, or how to get started thread
  • field recordings
  • audio processing
  • assembling/composing
  • final individual aesthetic reflections

The hardest part will be to decide when to break off of one thread to start another if you start to vary from the original discussion topic. I can easily see breaking off into sub-areas for any of the above topics.

I know that some of you have started with the comment section in the groups. My advice (and benevolent dictator desire) would be to switch over to the discussion forums.


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