(compMus1) Class Intro – The Business

MuMet 140: Computer Music 1

The syllabus is archived in my iLocker account:


The highlights

I (Keith Kothman) am the teacher of record for all sections. David Schultz will be handling most of the teaching duties for section three once we get moving.

This course focuses on introductory computer music topics, ranging from basic audio properties, concrete music, sampling, MIDI, sequencing, and synthesis.

Your main activity will be creative projects, readings, and quizzes over lecture material and readings.

You will abide by Music Technology Studio Policies. The most notable are:

  • Only authorized users are allowed in the studios.
  • No food or drinks may be consumed in the studios.
  • Put all furniture back when you’re done working.
  • Keep the studios neat and professional in appearance.

The textbook is Electronic and Experimental Music (3rd Edition): Technology, Music, and Culture by Thom Holmes. It is not available in the bookstore. You can purchase it online:

Make sure that you get the third edition. It is substatially different from the first two editions.

You will need to keep track of this blog for important course information, lecture notes, and assignments.


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