(compMus1) Peak errors

This is a recurring problem, and one that needs to go in Jeff’s studio blog.

When trying to perform almost any edit or process in Peak, users will often encounter an error to the effect:

Unable to perform <process>.  All scratch disks may be full, , or the process may have been canceled.

This is an issue with the scratch disk location and user access to it. Peak needs to create temporary files for most edits, and uses a scratch disk folder to do it. The problem is that by default, student users don’t have write access privileges to the default location.

To fix:

  • Choose Preferences under the Peak Pro 6 menu.
  • Select Scratch Disks… (the second option on the preferences window)
  • Click the box under Folder…
  • Choose the Desktop as the folder location, and OK your way out of the preference dialogs.


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