(compMus1) Project 1 Workflow

Since project 1 calls for you to use at least two different programs, and you will create a lot of files over the course of the project, it is helpful to have a grasp of workflow for the project.

The first thing you need to do is gather your source recordings. Remember, these recordings need to feature at least three different types of sounds.

You follow the sound gathering stage by using Peak (or Audacity) to isolate interesting sound events (sounds, gestures, etc.). You copy these events into separate sound files in order to process them further.

Next, you process your individual/isolated sound events. This processing takes place in Peak (or Audacity), and includes reversing direction, changing playback speed (in Peak, change pitch without preserving duration), EQ, and changing the amplitude envelope.

Once you have processed a number of sound events (you don’t need to be exhaustive at this point), import your soundfiles into Digital Performer. You assemble your piece in DP by placing soundbites into tracks, and then mixing the tracks. You can change the length of soundbites within DP. Processing in DP will usually take the form of plugins (Reverb, EQ, and delay).

While composing (assembling) your project you will find that you take sounds back into Peak for more processing (or further isolating of events and processing). Once processed, new sounds are brought into DP. Be sure to copy soundfiles before processing, or always remember to use the Save As… command. This technique is especially important if you are working with soundfiles that have already been imported into DP.


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