(compMus1) First MIDI Assignment

Due Tuesday, 2/17:

  • Open a new DP project. Save it as <yourname_MIDI_1>
  • Create an instrument track using the nanosampler as your instrument.
  • Load any sample into the nanosampler.
  • Assign the output of a MIDI track to the nanosampler. Record on that track MIDI note commands for a one-octave C major scale.
  • Assign the audio output of the instrument track to a stereo bus and record the MIDI output to an audio track.
  • Save everything.
  • Turn your project in to my drop box on the server.


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  1. The Apple Software Synth may not be turned on by default in DP. I’ve posted instructions on how to turn it on so that you can use it as an output source for simple MIDI tracks.


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