(compMus1) Turning on the Apple Software Synth in DP

When you open DP and try to set the output of a MIDI track to Apple Software Synth, you’ll find that it isn’t a choice. Where is it?

The default setup for the studios has the software synthesizer turned off. You can turn it on using the Setup | Interapplication MIDI… menu command.


In the dialog box, make sure the square next Software Synthesizer is filled in. Once you do this, the Apple Software Synthesizer shows up as a MIDI output destination in DP. (Leave the default name, and for render quality choose Max.)



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  1. […] You do this in the same dialog box that you used to turn on the Apple Software Synth, outlined in a previous post. Just above the Apple Soft Synth check box is the section that lists interapplication MIDI outputs […]

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