(21stCent) Webern Listening

Review Materials

Short summaries of interval class, pitch set analysis, and 12-tone serialism are on this site from my teaching of MUSTH 212.

Audio Files

I’ve put mp3 files for the Webern listening (for Wednesday) in my iLocker account. Any files I put online for this class will be found in:


Wednesday’s Assignment

For the Webern String Quartet, op. 5, IV, try to find and label pitch sets by their set class names.

For Wie bin ich froh (op. 25), create a row matrix using the opening 12 notes of the vocal part as your prime form of the row. Except for the third system, the voice and piano have their own row forms. In the third system, the piano takes over the voice row and completes it. The voice returns with the beginning of new row form. This work utilizes a limited set of row forms and transpositions. If you have time, analyze some of the recurring set classes that appear. I’ll talk about this aspect along with the row usage in class on Wednesday.

All you need to do with the Op. 21 Symphonie is listen to it with the score. I’m going to give a presentation on this piece on Wednesday.

Online Set Theory Calculators

There are a number of web-based set calculators available. Don’t use these as your first stop in analyzing sets. You need to have some facility to do this yourself. Use these tools to check your answers, especially in regards to normal order and prime forms. The calculator that I’ve used the most is Jay’s Set Theory Calculator, a java-based web application.


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