(musTh1) Assignment 6, Chap's E and F

Due Wednesday, 9/23:


  • E1 (all)
  • E2 (Treble, Bass, and Alto -TBA- clefs for “Root Given”; Treble, Bass, and Tenor – TBF – for “Third Given”; and Treble and Bass for “Fifth Given”)
  • E3 (all, but I haven’t talked about it yet)
  • E4 (TBA clefs)
  • E5 (TBT clefs)
  • E6 (all)
  • E7 (TBA clefs)
  • E8 (TB clefs)
  • E9 (TBT clefs)
  • F1 (first two lines)
  • F2 (DMaj and Fmin)
  • F3 (Gmin and Amaj)
  • F4 (EbM and Dmin)
  • F5 (Bmin and Ebmaj)
  • F6 (Cmaj and Bmin)
  • F8


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  1. Ok things are starting to get pretty hard…..time for toutoring

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