(musTh1) Assignment 8: Chord Connection

Due Wednesday, 10/7:

Due Friday, 10/9:

Wkbk pp. 38 – 39, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4

For 1.2, remember the technique for writing close- or open-spaced chords. With close-spaced chords, pick a moderately low soprano note, and proceed down through the Alto and Tenor voices without skipping any chord tones. The Bass can be any distance, and will be determined by the figured bass abbreviation. Open-spaced chords should start with a moderately high Soprano note, and you must skip a chord tone as you move down through the Alto and Tenor parts. If you skip one, and only one chord tone between parts, you will end up with a complete triad in the upper voices, with one of them doubling your Bass voice.

1.3 requires you to change the voicing for each of the repeated chords. Examples are on page 146 of the textbook. If the chord position remains the same between the two instances, you can move two or three of the upper voices. If the position changes (like c, d, and e) then you must keep one upper voice static.

1.4 involves simple voice leading between two chords. I will go over this on Monday, or you can read page 147 in the textbook.


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  1. For Ex. 1.2, write a key signature for each example, and write the chord according to the key signature. You should only need accidentals for Dominant-class chords in minor (V and vii°).

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