(maxmsp) Turning in Your Work

Until we start working with digital audio, our turn-in process is quite easy.

The short version:

  1. Put all your patchers in a single folder with your name as part of the folder name.
  2. Create a zip file of the folder.
  3. Attach the zip file to an email and send it to me at my gmail address (kkothman)

A bit longer version of the zip process:

  1. On a Mac running at least OS X 10.5 (don’t know if this is available for 10.4.x), select your folder to compress into a zip file.
  2. Go to the File menu from the Finder (or use the “Cog” drop-down menu in a finder window, and choose “Compress <foldername>.”
  3. A zip file will be created of the folder, with the same folder name and .zip added, and at the same directory level as the original folder.

Anyone working with Windows that wants to comment with how-to instructions, please feel free.


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