(maxmsp) Tutorial Topics Learned So Far

Topics Covered in Basic Tutorials 1 – 7, and MIDI 1 – 2:

  1. Objects, messages, comments; the function of commas, and escape characters to treat special characters as text; adding objects and connecting.
  2. bang; multiple outs from one outlet; multiple ins to a single inlet; right-to-left order.
  3. ints, floats, lists; changing messages, set; limits to int numbers (32-bit); reusable variables in lists.
  4. toggle accepting int input, truncating float input; zero off; non-zero on and pass-through; bang reverses toggle; metro; bang immediately re-starts metro; stop message; messages changing settings but not over-riding initial arguments as typed.
  5. Debugger and watchpoints; ordering; bangbang; trigger; trigger with message input.
  6. add, subtract, multiply, divide, modulo; default arguments to divide and mod are 1 (to prevent divide by zero errors); hot and cold inlets; cascading math (to perform equations).
  7. sliders, dials; min max range (max – min – 1); object inspector (for number boxes); dragging attributes to unlocked patcher for formatted message box.


  1. midiin, midiout, menu of ports; message-specific midi objects, notein, noteout, ctlin, ctlout, midiinfo and drop-down menu; (loadbang not yet covered in basic tutorials, but appears here).
  2. makenote, stripnote, flush, and sustain.

You’ll want to make sure that you review these topics in order to answer questions for the quiz on Monday. Part of the quiz will involve interpreting patchers (providing answer calculations to math patchers, for example), and finding errors in patchers. Other questions will involve basic functions of Max, such as data types, etc.


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