(maxmsp) MSP basic demo patchers

Demo patchers from yesterday’s lecture are in iLocker. Look for patchers MSPBasic1[a – e].maxpat.

Outline of topics covered:

  • Digital Audio basics relating to how computers generate audio samples (in blocks, or vectors). The larger the vector sample size, the less strain on the computer, more latency.
  • Audio Rate and Control Rate, pertaining to patch cord connections and the rate at which they are computed.
  • ~ denotes audio objects (tilde looks like a sine wave)
  • dac~ and EZdac~ (and their related messages: start, startwindow, and stop)
  • basic objects: cycle~, *~ (gain).
  • The reliance on floating point numbers for messages, rather than integers
  • audio discontinuity leading to clicks requires use of line~ for smoothing message changes, especially for amplitude
  • replacing the sine wave table used for cycle~ with an audio signal of your choice (as long as it is 512 samples).


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