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The Course Web Site

If you made it here, you found the course web site. You can simplify things by using the “Classes/Categories” drop-down menu on the right to search for computerMusic3 posts, or more specifically, lecturenotes_cm3 or assignments_cm3. You can also use the Search box to look for a more specific term or topic. The front page and any page returned by a class choice or search term just shows post titles and the beginning of posts. Click the post title for the full post.

Printing posts has been significantly improved from the previous incarnation of this blog. The header image and right-hand links are automatically eliminated from printed posts.

You can follow the posts for the course in a number of ways through RSS feeds. Links are in the right-hand column under the heading “.rss.” All entries will give you a feed of everything, from every course I teach, that I post to the blog. A more filtered way is the subscribe to musictheory4 posts. You can also subscribe to all the comments on the blog, or to comments on a specific post. (Each post has a link to subscribe to comments at the bottom of the post.) RSS feeds do not work in Google Chrome. You either have to use a reader app, or another browser. If you like Chrome a good option is try Rockmelt. It’s billed as integrating social media into the browser, but the biggest advantage is that it lets you use RSS feeds with Chrome. The browser is built on Chrome. The right sidebar lets you bookmark RSS feeds.

Also note that a link to my Google Calendar is on the right of every blog page. It can be useful to find times to meet with me.


I’m listing the software as a required text this year. You can get Max/MSP/Jitter from Cycling ’74. The 9-month student license at $59 is the best option. The unlimited term student option is $250. If you get the 9-month license, you can upgrade to permanent later with a $39 credit. Having your own copy of the software will make your life significantly easier. You’ll have access to the inline tutorials and help at any time, and the reference pages through the help system.

Other Resources

The Cycling ’74 website has additional help and links to projects. Check out the forums and community links. I’ll also be posting additional links from time to time when I find interesting sites.

Attendance and Homework

Remember the attendance policy: six absences for any reason are allowed. A seventh absence means you fail the course.

Keep up with homework and projects and turn them in on time. It doesn’t help to fall behind, have to catch up with old stuff while the class moves on to new material. Stay current. See me ahead of deadlines with any problems you’re having.

There will be quizzes. You’ll want to take some notes to use for studying.

Lab Policies

All of you in this class have been through previous semesters of mumet. Remember that you can’t eat or drink in the studios, other than water (and keep that away from the machines). Guests must have prior faculty permission to be in the studios. The studios are not a place for your friends to hang out with you. Also, keep the place neat in appearance. There are frequent public tours.


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