(musth 212) Assignment 1: Chopin, Prelude 4 in E minor

Due Wednesday, 1/12:

iLocker: musth212assignment1.pdf

To facilitate discussion of this piece on Wednesday, you can email me your answers to parts 2 and 3, and either copy the harmonies to your anthology or make a copy of this sheet to keep. You can also scan your RN analysis and email it to me, but please use my gmail address (kkothman) if emailing me an attachment.

A recording of the excerpt is available through the Naxos Music Library. Log onto Naxos in another tab or window, then click on the appropriate link:

(If neither of these links works properly, logon to the Naxos Music Library and enter “8.550225” (without the quotes) into the search box.)

1. On the score provide a Roman numeral analysis for the first twelve measures. Use your best judgment to decide what (if any) tones are non-chord tones. Label the harmonies as best you can, realizing that at least some of progressions will not make functional sense within a common practice style.

2. Why would you not say that the tonality of e minor is established? (Give at least two reasons.) How is the tonality of e minor implied?

3. What other tonal areas are implied within the first twelve measures? Be specific about where in the score, and how.


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  1. Eric Jones Avatar
    Eric Jones

    I tried to follow the “on campus” link to Naxos, and it led nowhere. So I’m just searching on Naxos myself.

  2. Keith Kothman Avatar
    Keith Kothman

    Sorry about that.

    I just checked and it seems that the permalinks won’t work UNLESS you’re already logged into the Naxos Music Library. Log into Naxos in another window or tab, then come back to this post and click on the appropriate link.

    Of course by now you’ve probably found one of the hundreds of possible Chopin examples available via Naxos.

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