(maxmsp) metro synchronization

My metro synchronization patcher is uploaded (synchRhythm.maxpat), with some comments and enhancements. There is also a subpatcher (p noSync) that provides the entire patcher without sync capabilities. Play with the time values of the second metro object to see how easy it is to get the two metros out of sync.

The very basic info

To keep multiple metronomes in sync when changing time values, you need to use a message object to store the newly selected time value, and then output it to the metro via a bang from a global metro. Typical values for the global metro would be one measure (1n), half of a measure (2n), or a quarter note (4n).

Note that the global metro only sends its output to metros for coordination purposes.

Gating the metros

I added gates to the metros so that shutting off output doesn’t involve stopping a metronome (and potentially losing sync with other metronomes).


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