(maxmsp) Project 1 Guidelines

Working version due 2/23.
In-Class Performance 2/23 (and 2/25 if needed).
Revisions due 2/28.

Using Max/MSP create an interactive/algorithmic performance patcher and perform a short interactive MIDI work during class.

Projects should meet the following guidelines:

  • Performances should last at least 1 minute (longer if very sparse or slow).
  • Patchers should generate MIDI notes (using the makenote object).
  • Patchers should respond to user control and/or input from a computer keyboard, MIDI keyboard, or mouse.
  • Patchers should operate under some set of constraints – i.e., you can not just generate random values drawn from all twelve pitch classes, or any possible rhythm or duration for playback.
  • The patcher and your performance should demonstrate musical changes over time – i.e., constraints change, elements start and stop, the amount of activity changes, etc.

You will be graded on the following criteria:

  • (40 pts) Musical creativity, defined as being able to program a patcher that generates interesting musical output in response to user control as demonstrated by your in-class musical performance. Meeting the required length is included in the creativity category.
  • (40 pts) Programming achievement, defined as creating a structured patcher that performs tasks in a predictable way, and uses Max objects according their intended use. Well-programmed patchers will open with preset/initialization messages that allow for the musical performance to begin with very minimal user input. The programming achievement grade will include your ability to make minor revisions and correct errors in your patcher based on your experience performing the patcher.
  • (20 pts) Program documentation and aesthetics, defined as using comments and layout in such a way that I can easily interpret the intent and function of your patcher. You should make use of presentation mode to create a performance interface that is clean and easy to interact with, while maintaining a clear programming layout to your patcher as a whole.

You will turn in all files necessary to perform your project to me by email by the beginning of class on 2/23. Performances will take place on the 23rd (and 25th if necessary) in class. You will then have the opportunity to make minor changes/additions to your patchers to address issues that arise during the performances, and turn the revised version of the project to me by Feb. 28th. The ability to clean up and correct errors in your program will factor in your programming achievement grade.


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