(maxmsp) Basic Additive Synth Assignment

Due Friday (3/4), via email

Create a basic synthesis patcher that allows for two-0scillator additive synthesis, and create five interesting presets to demonstrate your synth. Use BasicSynthEnvelopes.maxpat as your model. (BasicSynthNumbers.maxpat also uploaded)


  • Two oscillators required; oscillator type may be oscil~, saw~, or triangle~.
  • First oscillator has a float number box to input frequency. Second oscillator frequency is determined by a ratio setting.
  • You must have at least one amplitude envelope. If you have only one amplitude envelope control, it will control the amp of both oscillators. Use the function object to create your envelope(s). You must use a domain message to set the overall duration of the envelope.
  • You must be able to set the overall amplitude of the second oscillator as a proportion of the first oscillator amplitude.
  • Notes should be triggered by a bang, spacebar, or other specified computer input.
  • You need five presets saved for your patcher frequency and amplitude settings.
  • The preset object should store fundamental frequency, frequency ratio (of second oscillator), amplitude envelope(s) including duration, and relative amplitude of the second oscillator.

If you complete the assignment patcher (and only if) you can modify the patcher to have switchable waveforms for extra credit. No clues offered as to how to accomplish this task.


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