(sonicArts) aux tracks and reverb in pro tools

Reverb allows one to create a sense of depth in music. Controlling the dry (unprocessed) to wet (processed) balance can be used to move a sound from the near field (dry) to distant (reverberant). For maximum flexibility you want to use an aux track for your reverb so that you can control dry and wet levels independently.

Basic Setup

  1. Switch to ‘Mix View.’
  2. Create a stereo aux input track.
  3. Set the input to the aux track as a new stereo bus.
  4. Add a reverb plugin in the insert section of the aux input track. (If you can’t see an insert section for your tracks, you may need to add it to your track view.)
  5. For any track you want to use reverb on, create a stereo send for that track.
    1. Set the stereo output for the send to the matching stereo bus that is the input for the aux track.
    2. On the popup send fader, choose ‘PRE’ for pre-output fader send level.*

*Using pre-output fader sends means that you can control the wet send level independent of the dry track output level.

You can now use mix automation to control track volume levels and send levels in the edit window.


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