(musicComp1) bach listening

For Tuesday (1/15), in addition to completing the first melody assignment, thoroughly listen to and analyze the following Bach movements from the Suites for ‘Cello:

  • Suite No. 2 in d minor: Allemande
  • Suite No. 2 in d minor: Sarabande
  • Suite No. 3 in C major: Courante

Download the scores and the recordings.

Remember that thorough listening and analysis will involve repeated listenings, and analysis that looks a variety of parameters.

Listen enough times to each movement so that you really internalize the piece and know most of the melody by memory (you can sing along, not that you can write it down note by note).

For the analysis, work your way down from the larger aspects larger sections, to where the phrases begin and end, to the strength of the melodic cadences, to identifying what pitch and rhythmic aspects that give the melody its profile, to how the melody is developed (how the recognizable aspects get modified). You should print out the scores and really mark them up with your analytical findings.


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