(musicComp1) listserv and social media

I mentioned in class that there is an email listserv for composition. We also have a Facebook group.


We use the listserv to communicate to students about upcoming events and other important announcements. You can subscribe to the list with the following steps:

  • go to http://listserv.iweb.bsu.edu/
  • From there, click on the link at the top of the page for List Subscribers.
  • Scroll down to the bsucomposition-l link, and click.
  • Click on Join or leave the list.
  • Enter the email address that you want to receive messages to. This address does not have to be your BSU account. It will also be the only account you can send messages to the list from, so think about what address you choose.
  • For options, I would suggest regular subscription type. This option sends individual emails to you whenever something is posted to the listserv. bsucomposition-l isn’t chatty, and your inbox will not clog up with a bunch of unwanted messages. The digest and index options are better for lists that generate 10 to 20 (or more) emails a day. Our list averages only fractionally more than one per week.

You will have to confirm your subscription via an email sent to your account. Once confirmed, you’re part of the listserv for either or both lists.


Search for Ball State Music Composition. It is a closed group. You click on “Request to Join” and someone will approve your request usually within a day. We use Facebook to post announcements, sometimes duplicating the listservs. But we also post links of interest, as do other users of the group, along with events, articles, recordings, and other discussions.

I have a personal FaceBook account, as do Dr.’s Nagel, Pounds, Johnson, and Rhinehart, and soon to be Dr. Olson. You don’t have to be FaceBook friends with any of us personally to join the group.


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