(musTh625) final project: synthesis

Due Saturday, June 14, by midnight.


Compose a short work using virtual analog synthesis. The duration requirements will vary depending on how much of your previous project work you choose to include in this project. If you are creating a new project with little to no integration of material from previous projects, then the required duration is between 1:15 – 1:30. If you are incorporating significant elements of your previous two projects, then the required duration will be 2:00.

Material created with analog synthesis techniques in Absynth will occupy a significant portion of this final project. You will need to create at least three virtual instruments in Absynth, and each instrument will need to respond to three additional MIDI performance controls beyond note/pitch. Such controls could include key velocity and MIDI Continuous Controllers (CC), all accessed via the Performance tab in Absynth. You should consider controlling things like filter frequency cutoff, LFO rate, LFO depth, envelope rates, oscillator tuning parameters, and other things like that.

Form again does not have to be much of a concern. It is allowable to make use of more repeated patterns and repeated phrase material, provided you include some artful/interesting sound parameter transformations over time, and/or interesting sounds within patterns. The listening examples by Devine, Tobin, and Eno can help guide you.


  • Duration: 1:15 – 1:30 for projects with little or no integration of previous material; 2:00 for projects that incorporate previous work. (10)
  • The inclusion of at least three virtual instruments in Absynth, with three performance controls for each. (20)

additional factors you will be graded on

  • Creativity: are your sounds interesting, and used in interesting ways in the project? Do your Absynth instruments make use of interesting modulation and realtime controls? (40)
  • Quality of edits and finished audio: you should not have audible clicks at beginnings or ends of edited audio, and your audio should not distort (it should not go over the maximum amplitude). (20)
  • Organization of files and following turn-in procedure: is there a finished, mixed audio file? Can I open your project file and play back all the tracks contained? Did you include your original source files and your processed files? (10)

turn-in procedure

  • Include all Digital Performer files, Absynth instruments, and audio files in a single folder, with your name as part of the folder name.
  • Zip/compress the folder, and upload it to a filesharing service (such as Dropbox or iLocker), or turn it in to me via USB drive. (Note that I won’t be around on Saturday to receive your drive, so Dropbox is the preferred method for delivering files.)


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