(musTh625) listening 2

Due Wednesday, 6/10. (email to me)

Create listening guides for the following pieces:

  • Jason Bolte: Putt’n Around (on SoundCloud)
  • John Chowning: Stria (excerpt)
  • Two of the following:
    • Richard Devine: Plonked Spectral (First version, track 1, from Risp LP)
    • Brian Eno: Matta (from Apollo)
    • Amon Tobin: Journeyman (from Isam)

The Bolte is available on SoundCloud (link provided above). The others are available for download as a single zip file on my iLocker.

The Chowning works are more traditional (experimental) concert pieces. Bolte’s piece is something of a hybrid. It’s a concert piece, but uses a much more regular rhythmic structures than the Chowning. Devine, Eno, and Tobin fall into a more popular form of electronica, but all produce excellent and well-crafted works. Eno is known for his “ambient” compositions, and Matta is a good example. Listen for the subtle changes in timbres, tuning between notes, etc. Devine and Tobin fall into a sub-genre often referred to as IDM (“intelligent dance music”). Both Devine and Tobin use a lot more sounds, with more extreme modulation controls, than Eno.



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