(sonicArts) getting started in logic pro x

Some links and preference settings to help get you started in Logic Pro X


You can find Logic Pro X manuals (user guide, instrument guide, etc.) at Apple – Support – Manuals.

preferences (Logic Pro X > Preferences…)

  • General > Editing > Right mouse button is assignable as a tool
  • Audio > Choose your audio input/output interface, and 24-bit recording

create a new project (File > New…) 

  • You have to create at least one audio track to launch a new project.

project settings (File > Project Settings)

  • General: unclick use musical grid
  • Metronome: make sure click while recording is not checked
  • Audio: set sample rate to 44.1 kHz
  • Assets: copy audio files into project, and convert sample rate when importing

importing audio

  • make sure you set your project settings to copy audio files into project, and to convert sample rate when importing.
  • open the browser pane (far right toolbar button, looks like musical notes over a camera)
  • choose the project tab
  • drag files from the finder into the browser project pane

placing audio in tracks

  • you drag audio from the browser into a track, or
  • you can drag audio into the track pane space and a track will be created for you


  • by default, Logic Pro X uses a snap to grid feature
  • turn snap off by going to the gear button in the tracks pane, and selecting Snap > Off

showing the output/master fader

  • in Logic, the output fader is functionally the same thing as the master fader when working on a stereo project
  • since the output track shows in the channel strip along with any other track, you don’t need to show the master track in the tracks pane (**it gives me pain to write that previous sentence, since you want to be sure and monitor your master fader track in any other DAW.)


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